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Ben GoldmanBen Goldman Named General Assignment Reporter and Weekend Anchor for FOX61 in Connecticut

Tribune Media — June 13, 2017

FOX 61 announced Ben Goldman will join Tribune Broadcasting’s Hartford & New Haven television station as a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor. Goldman begins his new role on Monday, June 19, reporting to Liz Grey Godbout, VP News/News Director. Goldman just completed an internship with Lester Holt at NBC Nightly News and is currently completing his degree in Communications at the University of Connecticut.


UConn Great Experience For Out-Of-StaterMICHELLE KALUPSKI article

Hartford Courant — April 12, 2017

Undergraduate Communications major, Michelle Kalupski’s Op-Ed piece about her experiences with being a student from out-of-state was featured in the Hartford Courant. She describes her growth as an individual through her journey at UConn. Kalupski states, “I know when I receive my diploma, I will be leaving here with a different experience than most. And I know that just because I’ll be out-of-state, I won’t be able to stay away for very long.”


D'Alessio articleCan These Conservative Sites Capture Millennials’ Hearts and Minds?

ZY — March 19, 2017

There is an increasingly dense ecosystem of conservative news sites aimed at millennials. There are 75 million millennials in the United States, and not all of them find the ethos of “lefty” news sites like Vox or Mic. “There’s a market out there,” says Associate Professor of Communication Dave D’Alessio. “[The idea is that there is] money in these niches.”



Bellur articleInteractive health apps may inspire healthy behaviors, but watch the tone

Science Daily — February 24, 2017

Online health tools with good and controlled communication skills can promote healthier lifestyles. However, if these online tools use a conversational tone, they may lull users into a false sense of comfort. Assistant Professor of Communication Saraswathi Bellur explains that although the back-and-forth feel of a conversation could lead to improved health intentions, a conversational tone may make users feel less susceptible to health risks. “If you want people to stand up and take action, this type of friendly turn-taking softens the effect,” Bellur said. “However, if the goal of the interaction is to promote a sense of comfort among individuals, the same conversational tone strategy could work well, with the online tool acting like a virtual coach and providing reassurance.” Bellur was also featured in Mobi Health News.


Video Games as ResearchChristensen Virtual Reality

UConn Today — February 3, 2017

Video games as research? It’s happening at UConn. John Christensen, Assistant Professor of Communication, shows us how.




UConn’s Alumni College Tackles The Reality Of Fake NewsProfessor Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch

UConn Alumni — January 5, 2017

Professor Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch was featured by Uconn Alumni in an article discussing fake news and its impact on society. She speaks upon the background of fake news, social medias role in its distribution and the future of what it may lead to in the media. Oeldorf-Hirsch stated that “For now, users should be aware of how these sites operate and understand the potential effects.”