COMM Department Student Projects Fall 2017

In the fall of 2017, students in Communications courses devoted their semesters to creating projects, films, and photo essays that the Department of Communication is proud to present. Featured below are projects from students of The Process of Communication (COMM 1000), Fundamentals of Digital Production (COMM 2940), and Persuasion (COMM 3100).


The Process of Communication

A course taught by Professor Stephen Stifano

COMM 1000-  A study of modern communication theories and principles where students understand how people affect and are affected by others through communication.


This short film expresses the importance of equality for all people.


Fundamentals of Digital Production

A course taught by Professor Stephen Stifano and Adam Rainear

COMM 2940- Students develop fundamentals associated with the production of digital video, audio, and images to communicate with various audiences by rotating through various roles of pre-production, production, and post-production processes in the creation of multimedia projects.

This film shows a couple’s journey into making their house a home.


This sci-fi short film about a woman trapped in her own home is a must-watch thriller.



A course taught by Thomas Meade, Kimberly Embacher, and Matthew Morse

COMM 3100- Students are introduced to theories of attitude formation, change and reinforcement. Research is used to evaluate past and present models of persuasion through the creation of their own social campaign.

UConn Shot was a campaign designed to promote the free flu shot services that are on and around campus.

UConn Sober Rides is a student campaign that connected UConn students with sober drivers to reduce the amount of drunk driving.


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