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Our goal is to help pregnant women do what they think is best for their children.


Dr. Leslie Snyder, Interim Department Head and Professor of Communication, is leading research on ways to help pregnant women make healthy choices about diet and smoking. Her team has created a new program, called “A Clean Start for Baby and Me”.

We are now enrolling women who smoked just before pregnancy in the program.
It doesn’t matter whether the woman is currently smoking or not.

We’ll pay $45 if you try our program and give us feedback in two online surveys!


  • pictures of women participating in A Clean StartWomen get short videos featuring pregnant women, new moms, & doctors, plus motivational texts or emails.
  • The program starts during pregnancy & goes until 6 after a woman gives birth.
  • We developed the program after talking with 120 pregnant women across the U.S.
  • Watch our video to learn more.



Wed love to have you join our study!

Dr. Leslie Snyder
Center for Health Intervention & Prevention
University of Connecticut
2006 Hillside Road
Storrs, CT 06269-1248

Dana Rogers, MA
Research Assistant

Email: acleanstartforbabyandme@gmail.com

Funded by: National Institutes of Health