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Need help figuring out your course enrollment for next semester?

Find Out Your Remaining Academic Requirements

Step 1: View your Academic Requirements Report

Step 2:  Generate your Plan of Study

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Step 3:  Interpret your Academic Requirements Report   

Step 4: Review your Unofficial Transcript for accuracy     

Wait Listing and Permission Numbers for COMM Courses

The COMM class I want to enroll in is full: Can I still get in?

  • You can add yourself to the wait list for the COMM course IF a wait list has been set up for the course.  You'll know a wait list has been set up if you see the "wait list if class is full" option available during course enrollment.  If a spot becomes available later, you will be emailed a Permission Number or directly enrolled by the wait list manager (if there is no time conflict and space in your semester course load).

Should you email the COMM course instructor to obtain a Permission Number?

  • NO. Permission numbers are issued by the Department's wait list manager and will be issued only to those on the wait list. COMM instructors do not issue permission numbers.
  • For courses outside of the COMM Department, check with the department offering the course for their wait list and permission number policy.

For additional information about Wait Lists and Permission Numbers, please see our FAQ page

CLAS General Education Requirements – Approved Course Options

University Catalog - CLAS General Education section 

Graduating this Semester?

Follow these Steps:

Step 1 - Apply to Graduate

Step 2 - Submit your Final Plan of Study (Complete immediately after applying to graduate, IF your semester schedule is finalized!)

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COMM Career Prep – COMMEverywhere

poster for Careers in Communication

COMM Everywhere is the COMM Advising Office initiative with the two-fold purpose of helping COMM students: 

  • EXPLORE the diversity of career options open to them through the wide-ranging knowledge and skills acquired through coursework in Communication; and,
  • ENGAGE in career preparation throughout their student journey.

The Department of Communication and COMM Advising Office host a variety of exploration and engagement programming:

  • a First-Year Experience COMM Learning Community (UNIV 1810) specifically for COMM Majors, featuring CliftonStrengths assessment-based activities to help students discover their greatest talents and understand how to use them to achieve academic, career, and personal success;




  • Certificate in Communication, to highlight your practical skills obtained through a particular concentration of advanced COMM coursework. 

Katie D'Antonio and Joel Nebres, Academic Advisors


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 Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, Walk-in Advising is Cancelled Until Further Notice

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  Contact Information

Kathryn D’Antonio – kathryn.dantonio@uconn.edu

WebEX Meeting Room: https://uconn-cmr.webex.com/meet/ked10017 

Phone in:  US Toll (through WebEX, room  644 100 565)


José (Joel) Nebres jose.nebres@uconn.edu

WebEX Meeting Room: https://uconn-cmr.webex.com/meet/jrn06001

Phone in: US Toll (through WebEX, room 644 625 203)

Office Location:   Arjona Building, ARJ245
Phone: (860) 486-3687 (during COVID-19 crisis, only voicemail available)
General Questions? Please contact one of the advisors listed above.


Applications & Forms

Registrar's Forms (to Add/Drop, or go to Pass-Fail Option, etc.) 

CLAS Online Program Change (To declare a CLAS Major or a Minor)

COMM Minor Plan of Study  (Once declared, the Minor plan of study can be submitted online in Student Admin, when you submit your Final Plan of Study)

COMM 4991 Internship Course Enrollment Application
(To Earn Credit for a COMM-Related Internship)

COMM 4992 Enrollment Request

COMM 4992 Contract

COMM 4992 Recording Form