The Communication Certificate Program

The Certificate programs in Communication demonstrate a student's mastery in a specific area or topic in the study of Communication.  Students will apply for a certificate only AFTER they have completed all the necessary coursework required for one of the Certificates listed below:

Multimedia Production

Focus:  The Certificate in Multimedia Production focuses on the key aspects involved in the production of visual media: still images, films, visual presentations.  In the courses comprising this certificate, students learn the process of using computer software to create or enhance production of a variety of media.   Students are introduced to the types of software and hardware used in video productions in hands-on, practical settings.  Students in these programs create digital media portfolios or demo reels for skill demonstration. The coursework in this certificate places an emphasis on collaborative efforts and creativity.

COMM 2940 Fundamentals of Digital Production
COMM 4940 Digital Video Production
COMM 4941 Nonfiction Video Production
COMM 4340 Visual Communication
COMM 4998 Independent Study

Personal Relations and Social Engagement

COMM 3450 Gender and Communication
COMM 4200 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4220(W) Small Group Communication
COMM 4222(W) People of Color & Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4240 Marital and Family Communication
COMM 4250 Communication in Conflict Management
COMM 4460 Cross-Cultural Communication

Professional Communication

Focus: This certificate demonstrates a student's mastery of the knowledge and skills required to communicate in a professional setting.  Students learn how to motivate others, communicate a consistent and clear message, negotiate and close deals, and implement strategies for improving career prospects and professional advancement.

COMM 2100 Professional Communication
COMM 2110 Presenting in the Digital World
COMM 2940 Fundamentals of Digital Production
COMM 4230 Organizational Communication
COMM 4991 Internship

Strategic Communication

COMM 4120 Communication Campaigns & Applied Research
COMM 4130 Marketing
COMM 4640 Social Media Research & Practice
COMM 4800 Advertising
COMM 4820 Public Relations
COMM 4930W Public Relations Writing
COMM 4991 Internship

Certificate Award

Once you have completed the certificate coursework, complete this Certificate Award Request form:
After your records have been reviewed, verified and approved, your award will be sent to you in the mail. The review of your records is usually completed within six to eight weeks after you request the award.

Certificate Awardees List

The following have been awarded a Certificate in Communication: