Transfer Credit Policy

“Transfer credit” refers to credit hours (“credit”) for a course taken at an accredited post-secondary institution not affiliated with the University of Connecticut (“the University”). Transfer credit, if it is to be applied to satisfy the requirements of a University degree program, must be assigned a University catalog number by the University Admissions office, which will evaluate the transfer credit and assign it a catalog number corresponding to a University course equivalent.

Types of Credit

Transfer credit that may be applied to fulfill the major requirements of the Communication plan of study may be categorized as one of two kinds:

  • Direct Equivalent Transfer Credits.  Coursework that is deemed directly equivalent to a COMM course offered by the department.  Direct equivalent transfer credits will appear on the academic transcript with the catalog number of the UConn equivalent course e.g., COMM 1100, Principles of Public Speaking.  Transfer credit of this kind can be used to fulfill University requirements.
  • Generic Transfer Credits.  Coursework is deemed similar but not directly equivalent to a COMM course offered by the department (e.g., COMM 91000, COMM 92000, COMM 93000, COMM 94000).  Transfer credit deemed as “COMM 1000 level” or as “COMM 91000” cannot be used to fulfill the COMM 1000 requirement for Communication Majors.
  • The following RESTRICTIONS apply to transfer credits:
    • No more than 6 credits of generic coursework, at the 92000-level or above, can be applied towards the Communication Major requirements.
    • No more than 9 credits of transfer credits, in total, can be applied toward the 24 credits required for the Communication Major
    • There is NO LIMIT to the number of transfer credits that may be applied to fulfill the Minor plan of study
    • There is NO LIMIT to the number of COMM 1000 level transfer credits that may be applied to meet the 120 credit minimum of the BA Degree
    • Generic credit, at the 2000-level or above, may be used to fulfill the University’s 45-credit rule of the BA Degree requirement

Courses Taken at Connecticut Colleges & Universities:  The Undergraduate Transfer Admissions office posts on its website a list of transfer credit equivalencies from other Connecticut institutions.  Courses that do not appear on the list may not transfer; however, students may contact the Office of Undergraduate Transfer Admissions, in order to request that a course not on the list be evaluated, by completing a Prior Course Approval form.   Courses taken at out-of-state institutions may also be evaluated by completing the Prior Course Approval form.

Transfer Course Reevaluation Requests (For COMMUNICATION Courses ONLY)

A student may request to have re-evaluated for direct equivalency a course that has been assigned generic credit by the University Admissions office (as indicated on the student’s Transfer Credit Summary).  In order for it to be reevaluated:

  • The course MUST ALREADY have been evaluated by the University Admissions office and assigned a University Catalog number (generally COMM 91000).
  • You must review the catalog, before submitting your request to decide which course you are requesting your course be re-evaluated as.
  • Reevaluation requests may be made through this form: Transfer Credit Reevaluation Form.
  • Requestors must supply a syllabus for the course with their request for reevaluation submission.

There is no guarantee that reevaluation will change the course from generic to direct equivalency.  In determining equivalency, the Undergraduate Studies Director will consider a number of factors, including whether the course is taught with comparable academic rigor, covers the same key concepts, and employs comparable instructional material as the Communication department course for which equivalency is being sought.  The Director will evaluate course content only; other factors, such as the prestige of the institution, the status of the program, or instructor, will not be considered.

Please Note: courses at other Connecticut institutions that appear on the “Transfer Course Equivalencies” page of the University Transfer Admissions website (see link above), as equivalent at the “COMM 1000 level” or “COMM 91000,” will NOT be re-evaluated.

Related Courses

Some courses offered at other institutions as Communication courses may be evaluated by Transfer Admissions as courses in other departments: e.g. JOUR (Journalism), MKTG (Marketing), INTD (Interdisciplinary), or BADM (Business Administration), etc.  Such courses may be used to fulfill Related requirements for the COMM Major plan of study, subject to Communication advisor approval.  To request approval, a student may complete a Related Approval Form, requesting that a non-COMM transfer credit course may be used to satisfy the “Related Group” requirement of the major plan of study. There is NO limit to the number of transfer credits that may be applied towards satisfying the Related Group requirement, as long as the transfer courses meet the minimum requirements as listed on the Related Group Requirements page: