Undergraduate Certificate in Communication Program

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Communication demonstrates a student's mastery of a specific area or topic in the study of Communication. Each Certificate also identifies the specific technical and transferable skills acquired through completion of the required coursework.

Earning Criteria 

In order to earn a Certificate, students must meet the following requirements:

  • complete at least FOUR (4) of the required courses listed for each of the Certificates; and,
  • receive a grade of B minus or higher for each course.

The Department of Communication complies with the University's Grading Scale: https://registrar.uconn.edu/grades/

Students can apply for a certificate only AFTER they have completed and received grades for all coursework required to earn one of the Certificates listed below:

Multimedia Production

Multimedia Production

    The Certificate in Multimedia Production trains students in several key skill areas:

  • Project proposals
  • Screenwriting / Digital Storytelling
  • Production design
  • Layout design
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording and design
  • Directing on-camera performances
  • Interviewing for multimedia
  • Nonlinear Editing
  • Audio- and Video-finishing work
  • Managing Digital Workflows


COMM 2700 (formerly 2940) Fundamentals of Digital Production
COMM 3700 (formerly 4340) Visual Communication

COMM 3798 Variable Topics in Multimedia Production

COMM 4710 (formerly 4940) Digital Video Production
COMM 4720 (formerly 4941) Nonfiction Video Production
COMM 4979 Digital Portfolio

COMM 4981 (formerly 4991) Communication Internship (Subject to Approval)

COMM 4999 Independent Study (Subject to Approval)

     See the Multimedia Production website for more information: http://commproduction.com/certificate/

Professional Communication

 Professional Communication

   The Certificate in Professional Communication provides skills training in the following:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Budgeting & Business Proposals
  • Online Meetings, Presentations & Online Identity
  • Intercultural and Global Business Writing
  • Collaborative Thinking and Working
  • Building, Maintaining & Developing Organizations


COMM 2100 Professional Communication
COMM 2110 Presenting in the Digital World
COMM 2700 (formerly 2940) Fundamentals of Digital Production
COMM 4230 Organizational Communication
COMM 4981 (formerly 4991) Internship in Communication (Subject to Approval)



Personal Relations and Social Engagement

 Personal Relations and Social Engagement

    The Certificate in Personal Relations and Social Engagement develops the skills to promote healthy interpersonal relationships:

  • Managing conflict and uncertainty
  • Communicating across groups and cultures
  • Recognizing the role of gender, race, and other issues of identity
  • Assessing individual abilities and limitations
  • Identifying the forms and functions of nonverbal behavior
  • Understanding group leadership processes


COMM 3210 (formerly 3450) Gender and Communication
COMM 4200 Advanced Interpersonal
COMM 3120/W (formerly 4220/W) Small Group Communication
COMM 4222/W People of Color & Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3230 (formerly 4240) Marital and Family Communication
COMM 3130 (formerly 4250) Conflict Management
COMM 3220/W (formerly 4460/W) Cross-Cultural Communication


Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

      The Certificate in Strategic Communication provides skills training in the following:

  • Segmenting an audience using cluster analysis.
  • Profiling audience segments based on demographics, psychographics, and media use variables.
  • Interpreting a perceptual map of brands, with a rudimentary understanding of correspondence analysis.
  • Working with correlations and interpret a driver analysis.
  • Interpreting trends for a brand, using volumetrics


COMM 4510 (formerly 4120) Communication Campaigns & Applied Research
COMM 3510
(formerly 4130) Marketing

COMM 4640 Social Media Research & Practice
COMM 3520
(formerly 4800) Communication Processes in Advertising

COMM 3530 (formerly 4820) Public Relations
COMM 4530W (formerly 4930WPublic Relations Writing
COMM 4981
(formerly 4991) Internship in Communication (Subject to Approval)


Certificate Application & Award

Once you have completed the Certificate coursework, complete this Certificate Application.

After your records have been reviewed, verified, and approved, your Certificate will be generated. The review of your records is usually completed within four to six weeks after you request the Certificate.

You will indicate in the Certificate Application your preference of how you wish the Certificate to be issued. The Certificate may be issued in print and sent by US mail, or a PDF can be emailed to you, or both.

Your Certificate will be posted on the UConn Department of Communication's LinkedIn Showcase pages:

Multimedia Certificate

Strategic Communication

Personal Relations and Social Engagement