Where are you now?

We are increasing our efforts to keep in touch with the many students and faculty who have been part of the Department of Communication over the years. We want to hear from you about how you were connected to the department and what you are doing now. Complete this form, tell us what you are up to, and tell us how you’d like that information used. You can ask to be added to one or more of our email listservs, contacted about visiting with current undergrads or graduate students, or have your “Then and Now” information shared on this page. Or all of the above. This page is also a great reference for current students to see what Comm alumni are doing with their degree!

We look forward to hearing from you. Below are some of the alumni we’ve heard from already!


Lauren Rosenthal

Then: Communication undergraduate major; conferred May 2012
Now: Marketing Coordinator, Connecticut Public Broadcasting

Christopher Clemens

Then: Communication graduate student; Ph.D. conferred May 2013
Now: Assistant Professor of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, San Francisco State University

Rory McGloin

Then: Communication graduate student; Ph.D. conferred May 2011
Now: Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, UConn

Stephen Stifano

Then: Communication graduate student; Ph.D. conferred August 2011
Now: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, UConn