Undergrads Then and Now

We want to hear from you about how you were connected to the department and what you are doing now. Complete this form, tell us what you are up to, and tell us how you'd like that information used. You can ask to be contacted about mentoring current students or have your "Then and Now" information shared on this page. Or all of the above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Below are some of the alumni from our undergraduate program we've heard from already, and don't forget to check out our Graduate Program Alumni page!

Eliza Zarka

Then: Earned BAs in Communication and Human Rights with a minor in Sociology in 2019
Now: Addiction & Behavioral Health Coordinator, Office of the Governor of New Hampshire

Jake Rudolph

Then: Communication and Political Science undergraduate double major; conferred December 2019
Now: Website Content Manager and Researcher, Left of Center

Jhansi Katechia

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred August 2015
After that: Earned J.D. degree from Suffolk University Law School
Now: Attorney

Nikki Narducci

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred May 2012
After that: Assistant Sports Information Director at Texas A&M International University; Account Executive & Graphic Designer, Laredo Lemurs Baseball; Sports Information Director, Worcester State University
Now: Director of Athletic Communications, Becker College

Lauren Rosenthal

Then: Communication undergraduate major; conferred May 2012
Now: Marketing Coordinator, Connecticut Public Broadcasting

Jacquelyn Bozart (formerly Jacquelyn Flint)

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred May 2011
Now: President, Sell.Market.Win.

Lesley Harris (formerly Lesley Ross)

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred December 2001
After that: National Broadcast Media Negotiator
Now: Owner and Professor of ESL, Mallorca English Languages Services

Carl Ey

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred May 1988
After that: Twenty-five years of service in both the Armed Forces & in the U.S. Congress
Now: Chairman & CEO, Mammoth Global Partners, a service-disabled, veteran-owned business specializing in strategic communication and public affairs support

Nancy Blaksin (formerly Nancy Samuels)

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred May 1986
Now: Digital Content Marketing Manager, WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA

Carl Shea

Then: Earned BA in Communication; conferred May 1975
After that: Grad student 1975-1977; Social Science Analyst/Transportation Specialist, Federal Highway Administration 1978-1985; IT , FHWA 1986-2014; Retired as Chief, IT Operations
Now: Retired; Habitat for Humanity Crew Leader (volunteer)