COMM 4979 Digital Portfolio

Successful communication professionals must be able to showcase their work for relevant audiences.  In this course, you will build upon the work you have done during your undergraduate career to create a compelling digital portfolio to help you succeed in your professional endeavors. This course may be used to satisfy the Immersion Course requirement for the Major in Communication.

The Instructor for this course changes on a semester-by-semester basis. For up-to-date information, please check StudentAdmin.


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      Why select Digital Portfolio?

      COMM 4979 (Digital Portfolio) offers students a valuable opportunity to craft a comprehensive and professional digital portfolio that can significantly enhance their career prospects in various fields. Here are several compelling reasons why students should consider selecting COMM 4979 as their immersion course:

      1. Professional Development: COMM 4979 equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to create a polished digital portfolio, which is essential for showcasing their academic achievements, skills, and experiences to potential employers or graduate programs.
      2. Digital Literacy: In today's digital age, having proficiency in digital tools and platforms is crucial. This course provides students with hands-on experience in using various digital tools and platforms to design and develop their portfolios, enhancing their digital literacy skills.
      3. Personal Branding: A well-crafted digital portfolio allows students to effectively communicate their unique strengths, accomplishments, and career goals, thereby establishing a strong personal brand in their chosen field.
      4. Career Readiness: By engaging in the process of creating a digital portfolio, students gain insights into their own strengths and areas for improvement, helping them better articulate their skills and experiences during job interviews and networking opportunities.
      5. Adaptability: In an increasingly competitive job market, individuals must be adaptable and demonstrate the ability to leverage technology to showcase their talents and expertise. COMM 4979 prepares students to adapt to evolving digital trends and effectively leverage digital platforms to advance their careers.

      Is Digital Portfolio only for students who have experience in production?

      No, COMM 4979 (Digital Portfolio) is designed to cater to students from diverse academic backgrounds, regardless of their level of production experience. While some students may have prior experience with digital media production, the course is structured to accommodate learners at all skill levels, including those who are new to the concept of digital portfolios. This course offers all students the opportunity to elevate their resumes to a professional standard through the creation of a digital portfolio, regardless of their prior production experience or academic major. It serves as a valuable resource for students seeking to enhance their career prospects and differentiate themselves in today's competitive job market.

      COMM 4979 focuses not only on the technical aspects of digital portfolio creation but also on the conceptual and strategic elements of personal branding and professional presentation. Students learn how to effectively organize and showcase their academic achievements, skills, and experiences in a visually engaging and professional manner. Regardless of their academic major, students can benefit from having a well-crafted digital portfolio that effectively communicates their skills, accomplishments, and career aspirations to potential employers or graduate programs. COMM 4979 empowers students to create a compelling narrative about their professional identity and stand out in a competitive job market

      How do I receive COMM credit for this course?

      This course is graded S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.) All students must submit the final portfolio. Depending on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in, the amount of
      total points to earn an S grade will differ:

      3 Credit Hours 14 Points for S grade
      2 Credit Hours 11 Points for S grade
      1 Credit Hour 8 Points for S grade

      NOTE: All students must submit a final portfolio for an "S" grade regardless of the current point total. Failure to submit a portfolio equals an automatic "U" grade.

      Are there any required course meetings?

      No. While the course does not have in-person meetings, it offers flexibility through arrangements with the instructor. Students can schedule meetings during regular office hours or at mutually agreed-upon times.

      The absence of in-person meetings does not compromise the quality of instruction or support available to students. Instead, it encourages a flexible learning environment that accommodates diverse schedules and preferences. By allowing students to engage with the instructor one-on-one, COMM 4979 ensures personalized guidance tailored to individual needs and objectives.

      This approach promotes effective communication and collaboration between students and instructors, fostering a supportive learning community where students can thrive. It also reflects the evolving nature of education, leveraging technology to facilitate meaningful interactions and maximize learning outcomes.


      Can I participate if I am not a Communication Major/Minor?

      At present, COMM 4979 faces limited seat availability due to high demand, resulting in the prioritization of senior-standing majors during the fall and spring semesters. However, to accommodate other interested students, the course remains accessible during the summer term, provided they meet specific prerequisites.

      For students seeking enrollment in the fall or spring semesters, senior standing is a requirement due to the constrained availability of seats. This criteria ensures that graduating seniors receive priority access to the course, aligning with their imminent transition into the professional realm. Winter graduation candidates will be given priority for the Fall semester and Spring or Summer candidates will be given priority for the spring semester of their senior year. All students wishing to take this course during the regular semester term, must complete this request.

      Alternatively, during the summer term, students at junior standing or higher can enroll in COMM 4979, provided they satisfy the prerequisites. These prerequisites include a minimum of 12 credits in 2000-level or above COMM courses, making the course accessible to a broader range of students while maintaining academic standards.



      Please take a look and reach out if you still have any questions or require any additional clarification: 4979 Syllabus

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      Note: review of applicants will be after the last enrollment block for the following semester (generally, 12-14 days after the start of registration). This ensures that students who need the course to fulfill their immersion course will get a seat. Depending on available data, the department will decide, at its discretion, how to fulfill the remaining seats.