Graduate Admissions

Want to apply for the MA or PhD in Communication program? Here's what you need to know...

Application Timelines

UConn's graduate program application portal opens in mid-September for both Spring and Fall admissions.

Most graduate students in our department begin their programs in Fall semester, but we also consider applications to begin in the Spring semester. Note that beginning in the Spring semester may make completion in the estimated length of time more difficult. We do not consider applicants for Summer admission.

Applications for a Fall semester start will be reviewed beginning December 1. We have a limited number of assistantships to offer each year, so if you wish to be considered for assistantship funding in addition to admission to the program, we strongly encourage you to submit your application by December 1. Applications received after December 1 will be considered on a rolling basis, until the cohort is full. NOTE: Applications for Fall admission must be submitted no later than May 1.

Applications for a Spring semester start will be reviewed beginning November 1. It is rare that assistantship funding is available to students beginning in the Spring semester, however a student admitted to begin in Spring can request that they be considered for funding with the Fall pool. Applications received after November 1 will be considered on a rolling basis. NOTE: Applications for Spring admission must be submitted no later than December 15.

All necessary recommendation letters, transcripts, test scores, writing sample, CV/resume, and personal statement must be received before the department's Graduate Admissions Committee can come to a final decision on an application.

Requirements for Admission

Candidates must meet the requirements of both the UConn Graduate School and the Department of Communication to have their application considered. Applicants to the M.A. program must have a bachelor's degree by the time they begin the program. Applicants to the Ph.D. program must have a master's degree by the time they begin the program. Previous degrees do not need to be in communication; students from all programs will be considered for admission.

UConn Graduate School Requirements

The Grad School has requirements concerning your undergraduate degree, official transcripts, and English proficiency. Please visit the Graduate School's Admissions Requirements webpage for detailed information, but please note that the application timelines for our programs are earlier than those of the Graduate School.

Department of Communication Requirements

The Department of Communication requires the demonstration of written, verbal, and quantitative competencies, three letters of recommendation, a personal statement, a writing sample, a CV/resume, complete post-secondary transcripts, and, for non-native speakers of English, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or Duolingo scores, unless the applicant qualifies for the Graduate School Language Proficiency Examination Waiver. Please note that all application materials must be submitted via the Slate online application system. Hard copies that are mailed to the department will not be accepted.

  • Quantitative competency: Students applying for admission are required to demonstrate their quantitative competency.  This may be demonstrated in different ways including, but not limited to, the following: quantitative GRE or GMAT score and percentile, listing relevant courses with grade received (e.g. quantitative research methods, advanced mathematics, or statistics courses), certification of proficiency with statistical packages or techniques.  One indicator of competency is required, but you are welcome to provide more.
  • Verbal competency: Students applying for admission are required to demonstrate their verbal competency.  A writing sample and personal statement are both mandatory and are one way that verbal competency is assessed.  While the writing sample and personal statement are both required you are welcome to provide additional evidence, such as a verbal GRE score.
  • GRE scores: Optional, effective Fall 2023 admissions cycle. (UConn GRE code: 3915)
  • Letters of Recommendation: In the application, submit only the contact information for three recommenders. The recommenders will be contacted to send their letters via a Slate request.
  • Transcripts: All post-secondary transcripts must be submitted with the application. For degrees in progress, submit up to date unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts indicating degree conferral will be required prior to matriculation.
  • English Language Proficiency: Please note that our department does accept the Grad School Language Proficiency Examination Waiver for admission, however applicants requesting a teaching assistantship may need to undergo additional review. For international applicants who are NOT eligible for the Language Proficiency Waiver, we require one of the tests below. The department requires the following scores for whichever test option you choose:
    • TOEFL: Applicants must score 23 or above on the Reading, Listening and Writing components. Additionally, applicants must score a 27 or above on the Speaking component and have a combined TOEFL score total of at least 100.
    • IELTS: Applicants must receive an overall band score of 7. Additionally, applicants must receive a Speaking band score of 8.0 or higher.
    • PTE: Applicants must receive an overall score of 74 or higher.
    • Duolingo: Applicants must receive an overall score of 120 or higher.

Please note that applications with English language proficiency test scores that do not meet our requirements will not be reviewed.

Application Process

Applications are submitted directly to the UConn Graduate School through an online system. Once reviewed for meeting their requirements, applications are made available to the department's Graduate Admissions Committee. Before applying, take a few minutes to check out the UConn Graduate School Fee Waiver Policy.

Here's an overview of what you'll need to do in order to apply:

  1. Complete all required fields of the online application, including whether you want to be considered for an assistantship or a fellowship
  2. Submit a personal statement
  3. Submit a CV/resume
  4. Submit a writing sample
  5. For international applicants, provide TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or Duolingo scores (or documentation for waiver)
  6. Provide academic transcripts from prior post-secondary programs (If official transcripts are not available, unofficial transcripts may be submitted in the application, but official transcripts must be provided if you are accepted, prior to matriculation.)
  7. Enter the names and email addresses for three people who will be contacted by UConn for letters of recommendation
  8. Submit payment of the application fee

Ready? Click the button below and you will be led to the application portal.

**Note that some of our program deadlines are earlier than those of the Graduate School. Please refer to our application timelines on this page and NOT those on the Graduate School's site.**

We look forward to receiving your application!

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