UConn’s Education Abroad program at Ulster University in Belfast, Ireland

Communication, Advertising, and Marketing at Ulster University - Starting Spring 2022

The Communication, Advertising, and Marketing at Ulster University program aims to provide UConn undergraduates with a unique curricular experience that will allow them to engage foundations of communication theory in a contemporary and applied manner. The School of Communication & Media at Ulster University is focused on providing students a platform for critical, analytical, and independent thinking. This custom program will focus on the process of integrated communication and its operations in advertising, marketing, organizational and other related disciplines. As identified in the core mission of the Ulster program itself, the primary aim for students in this program is to develop a professional identity, knowledge and skills to enhance their prospects for employment, academic progression and continuing professional development.

The Communication, Advertising, and Marketing at Ulster University program aims to provide a collaborative learning environment that encourages students to critically appraise how digital technologies can affect businesses and industries, help capture value and solve business problems, individually and as part of a team, so that they can develop the strategic thinking needed to become digital advocates and agents for change. Activities and discussions, both in class and online are a key element in the programme's design. As a result of this approach to learning, and in order to ensure students are commercially aware, the programme uses teaching, learning and assessment approaches which include case studies, presentations and workshops from digital professionals, project work with live businesses, videos and podcasts and hands-on experience with digital platforms.

See more details on the Education Abroad page and watch a recording of an information session held in April 2021.

Email Dr. Rory McGloin, who collaborated with Ulster University to design the program.

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