COMM Immersion Courses

The Communication Immersion requirement provides a pivotal opportunity in a student's academic journey, marking the culmination of their undergraduate experience and preparing them for their post-graduation endeavors.  For the current Immersion Course requirement in a student's plan of study, please consult the student's ADVISEMENT REPORT.

Serving as a senior year capstone, this requirement offers students a variety of options tailored to their interests and career aspirations. Through these courses, students are provided with experiential learning opportunities that bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. These options not only enhance students' communication skills but also foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability, crucial for success in today's dynamic professional landscape.

For most students, one of the following THREE are good options: COMM 4979 (Digital Portfolio), COMM 4981 (Internship in Communication), or COMM 4982 (Research Practicum). For more information on each option and how to enroll, click on the respective links below.

COMM 4979 - Digital Portfolio

COMM 4981 - Internship In Communication

COMM 4982 - Research Practicum

Moreover, other Immersion course options may also provide more specialized opportunities for personalized experience : COMM 4799 (Independent Study in Multimedia Production), COMM 4996 (Undergraduate Research in Communication), COMM 4997W (Senior Thesis - Honors), or COMM 4999 (Independent Study).  These special Immersion courses permit deeper exploration and specialization, and thus require independent consultation with faculty mentors before enrollment.

By engaging in these immersive experiences, students not only fulfill academic requirements but also emerge as confident, competent communicators ready to navigate and excel in their chosen fields beyond graduation.