Personal Statement

In the Essays & Documents portion of your application, you are asked to upload a Personal Statement.

This is the prompt that appears in the application:

Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell the admissions committee what your goals are in pursuing graduate work in the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut. Specifically, we will assess whether you demonstrate an understanding of the academic orientation of our department as well as how your needs and career goals can be served by graduate study with us.  We encourage all applicants to review the materials on our website, to make sure you are familiar with our faculty and their research interests.

In your statement, please address the following in less than 1000 words:

  • What are your career goals and how does pursuing a graduate degree in our department help you meet those goals?
  • What area of communication are you interested in studying here at UConn?
  • Which faculty member do you think could best help you with your career goals and why?
  • How has your professional or educational background helped prepare you for graduate study in our department?

In addition, anything about you, your research, or career goals that will align with the Department's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in academics and society would be a positive addition to this statement.