Where Can COMM Lead You?

Corporate Communications

Photo of a woman smiling Alyssa Davanzo (CLAS '15) - Strategy Manager AO Americas

Sport/Entertainment – Social Media

Profile picture of male Hez Johnson (CLAS '19) - Senior Social Media Specialist at ESPN

Social/Multimedia Production – Corporate

profile image of woman
Alexis Angelini (CLAS '20) - Content Creator at Instagram

Sport/Entertainment, Multimedia Production – Broadcast/Journalist

photo of a man looking intently into the distance Anthony Tyson (CLAS '16) - Video Editor at ESPN


photo of woman smiling Brenna Sarantides (CLAS '20) - Associate Director of Marketing & Digital Media at UConn Athletics

Sport/Entertainment, Multimedia Production – Broadcast/Journalist

photo of man smiling, wearing headset Adam Giardino (CLAS '11) - Freelance Play-by-Play Broadcaster

Graduate School – Law-Legal Profession

photo of woman smiling Brooke Sheldon (CLAS '19) -  Law Clerk at MG+M The Law Firm

Entertainment/ Multimedia Production – Broadcast/Journalist

photo of woman smiling, wearing graduation gown

Elisha Brown (CLAS '16) - Broadcast Associate at CBS This Morning

Supply Chain – Data Analytics

photo of man, wearing glasses, looking intently into the camera John Reed (CLAS '18) - Supply Chain Engineer at QuEST Global

Sport/Entertainment, Multimedia Production – Broadcast/Journalist

photo of man in a suit, smiling Kyle Huson (CLAS '16) - Digital Content Manager at USA Hockey

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Multimedia Production – Corporate, Multimedia Production – Broadcast/Journalist

photo of woman smiling Samantha Saucier (CLAS '05) - Digital Content Manager Specialist - Model Shops at the LEGO Group


photo of man smiling Johnnie Singleton (CLAS '18) - Day to Day Ops Specialist at The Center for Educational Innovation

Marketing, Advertising, Data Analytics

Photo of a man smiling Andrew Kuhl (CLAS '19) - Campaign Services, Team Lead at Integrate

Sales, Healthcare-Medical Devices

photo of man smiling Joe Rosa (CLAS '16) - Urology Territory Manager at Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Human Resources/Talent Management/Recruiting, Sales

Photo of man smiling, with buildings in the background Benjamin Stemmer (CLAS '18) - Associate Recruiter at Acquco

Graduate School – Law, Legal Profession

photo of man smiling                   Thomas Underwood (CLAS '19) -  Executive Editor at NYU Law Review

Sales, Technology

photo of man smiling

Danny Zhu (CLAS '19) - Senior Account Manager at Otis Elevator Co.

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

profile photo of woman
Brianna Régine Walston (CLAS' 17) - Founder, Lead Brand Strategist, Publicist & Business Manager at Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting

Marketing, Advertising, Technology, Data Analytics

Photo of man smiling
Jack Templeton (CLAS '18) - Account Strategist at Google

Marketing, Advertising

photo of woman smiling Kailey C Townsend (CLAS '18) - Social Media Manager at Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Financial/Banking, Cryptocurrency

photo of man smiling Carles Lopez-Penalver (CLAS '16) - Senior Cybercrime Analyst at Chainalysis Inc.

Public Relations, Science Communication

photo of woman smiling

Brooke Hirsheimer (CLAS '17) -  Communications Specialist, Media & External Affairs at World Wildlife Fund

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

photo of man smiling Ethan Bradeen (CLAS '17) - Senior Key Account Manager at Meltwater

Marketing, Advertising, Event Management

photo of man smiling Amar Batra (CLAS'18) - Content Manager at Reed Exhibitions