R Line Radio – COMM Careers Event

To Join the Event via WebEx, click HERE at 3pm on Friday March 25

R Line Radio - Meet COMM Alum Joshua Torres (CLAS '16)

From R Line's website:

It all began with a simple idea…

…to find a better way to allow creative individuals to come together to share their story.  One night, our team entered into a conversation about what we didn’t like in the industry, how true creative lyricists were missing and how we longed for meaningful content.  We began to ask ourselves “why-this” and “why-that”…until we asked ourselves “why-not?”

R Line Radio is an online radio platform dedicated to the creative mind and those who hold a deep passion for their craft. It was built upon three principals: Creativity, Collaboration & Community.  As an agent of change, we’ve chosen to be genre agnostic, affording all artists the unique opportunity to share their original content and creative voice. 

To read more: R Story - R Line Radio 

Join us on Friday, March 25 to meet Josh and ask how you can get involved!


Josh, JT, Crimson – whatever you know him as, you know he’s the man with the plan!

Brainchild of R Line Radio, he wanted to create a platform where true creativity and passion prevail, allowing more voices to be heard. As a writer, artist, music enthusiast, world traveler, and all-around creative entrepreneur, Crimson brings a collection of ideas and experiences to share with the R Line family and to you the listener.

For Josh's LinkedIn profile: Joshua Torres, MBA (CLAS '16)