Human-Computer Interaction Lab


The Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Connecticut is focused on how the interface influences person perception and perceptions of the media. Ongoing projects in person perception focus on how people use the features of the interface and information provided within the interaction in the person perception process. Other projects explore the causes and influences of presence while working to clarify the meaning and measurement of the dimensions of presence. Finally, projects in communication technology design are focused on both the design and evaluation of systems to enhance people's ability to learn from technology and to meet their interaction goals.



  • photo of student in class with game on laptop


Kristine L. Nowak, Professor and Director, HCI Lab
Saraswathi Bellur, Associate Professor and Associate Director, HCI Lab
Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch, Associate Professor and Associate Director, HCI Lab

John Christensen, Associate Professor, affiliated faculty
Kirstie Farrar, Associate Professor, affiliated faculty
Mark Hamilton, Professor, affiliated faculty