Participants Needed for Study: Television Viewing Today

Would you like to be compensated for watching television? Volunteers wanted for a study conducted at the University of Connecticut, “Television Viewing Today.” The purpose of this study is to understand how audiences respond to television in a modern media environment.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you may be eligible to participate. You must have access to either a Hulu or Amazon Prime account, but there are other options. Please note that you can sign-up for a free trial for the duration of the study if you do not have an account. Or, we can reimburse you for the cost to watch a program on YouTube.

This study will include the following procedures:

  • An initial survey to determine study eligibility (10 minutes)
  • Completing either one 3-hour long viewing session, or three 1-hour long viewing sessions (will be assigned randomly). You will in this time watch episodes of a popular television show. You can participate asynchronously on your own schedule.
  • Completing a survey at the end of viewing the show (15 minutes).
  • Completing a brief 4-week follow-up survey (10 minutes)

Participants will be compensated $10 for participating in the study. Participants will be paid cash via PayPal or Venmo, or in the form of an Amazon gift card. Each stage of the research completed will also equal one entry into a drawing for one of fourteen $25 and one $50 Amazon gift cards.

To learn more about this study and take the initial screening survey, please follow the link below.

For additional questions, please contact Alyce Viens. This research is conducted in fulfillment of the dissertation requirement under the advisement of Dr. Kirstie Cope-Farrar in the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut. UCONN IRB approval on February 4, 2021. Amendment approval April 28, 2021.

Survey Link:

photo of person on couch watching television

photo of person holding remote control watching television

photo of person with feet up on table watching television