Transfer Credit Reevaluation Request


Before proceeding, please keep these expectations in mind.  If your course does not meet these expectations, you should not continue with submitting this form because it will not be evaluated for equivalent communication course credit. 

  • For the course you wish to be reevaluated, a syllabus that includes a weekly topic listing is required.   No reevaluation request will be completed without the submission of a syllabus. The syllabus must be in electronic form (or a scan of a paper copy), as it will be attached to the request form below.
  • Evaluation is of the course content only. The prestige of the institution, instructor, or program will not be taken into consideration.
  • Courses that transfer as direct or generic equivalents at the 1000 level from other Connecticut institutions will NOT be considered for re-evaluation.  Only out-of-state coursework is eligible for re-evaluation.   The course syllabi from the institutions appearing in the Transfer Equivalencies table, on the Transfer Admissions website are reviewed frequently, on a regular cycle.  Thus, for example, a course transferring in as COMM 91000 at any Connecticut school will NOT be reevaluated in order to satisfy the COMM 1000, COMM 1100, or COMM 2600 requirements.  Transfer students without the direct equivalent for the introductory and prerequisite courses will be expected to enroll in these courses if they wish to enroll in the upper-level COMM coursework the requires them as prerequisites.
  • Depending on the content, some courses may need to be evaluated by another department, such as Journalism (JOUR), Marketing (MKTG), or Sociology (SOCI).  Unless a course transfers as COMM credit, the transfer course may not be used to fulfill 24 credits of the COMM Major requirement–though, it may be used to satisfy the Related Group requirement.  See the Related Group requirement section of the Communication Major Plan of Study for additional details.

If you are looking to have Experiential Global Learning coursework evaluated, do NOT use this form. Please use the Experiential Global Learning Course Alignment System.

For more information regarding transfer credit, please visit our Transfer Credit Policy page.

Submission Deadlines and Evaluation Periods

In an effort to streamline this process, the Communication department has established submission and evaluation periods. The department reserves the right to alter these posting periods some semesters, depending on the volume of requests or unforeseeable circumstances. We will try to communicate (via email) changes to the evaluation schedule to students with pending requests. Otherwise, please use these deadlines as a guide on our timeline:

Submission Deadline (received by) Evaluation Period
January 1 4-6 weeks after January 1
May 1 4-6 weeks after May 1
September 1 4-6 weeks after September 1

Transfer Credit Reevaluation Form

Please complete this form if you would like transfer credits to be re-evaluated.

    Please check this information in your "Student Center" in StudentAdmin.
  • Please include the semester and year in your response. For example, Spring 2015 or Fall 2014.
  • Please refer to the University catalog for course descriptions and the catalog number of the COMM course to which you wish to request transfer equivalency:
  • Please provide the name of the institution at which you completed (or will complete) the course that you are requesting to be evaluated.
  • Please use the department and catalog number from your previous institution as it appears on your "Transfer Credit Summary." Please attach the course syllabus (below) that you wish to be reevaluated for equivalency. The syllabus should include a listing of the weekly topics covered throughout the term.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    Only needed if the course syllabus is in multiple parts.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.