Graduate Program Funding

Teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified M.A. and Ph.D. students. Duties of graduate assistants vary according to the needs of the department. Teaching assistant responsibilities have included conducting discussion sections of the undergraduate introductory communication courses, supervised teaching of public speaking, and, for experienced teachers and those with a completed master’s degree, supervised teaching of upper-level undergraduate courses. Research assistants work with faculty on funded research projects.

A full-time assistantship provides an academic year salary. Summer teaching and research positions may also be available. A full-time assistantship also carries a complete tuition waiver and highly subsidized health insurance benefits (both medical and dental). Information about UConn’s graduate assistant health insurance is available on UConn’s Department of Human Resources website. Applicants to a Communication graduate program who want to be considered for a graduate assistantship should submit their application by January 1.

Eligible graduate students may also receive work-study funds. There are also a number of loan programs available. For additional information on financial resources for graduate students, visit the Graduate School’s website.

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