Student Resources – Managing A Schedule Change

Unhappy with your current course enrollment this semester?

Follow these steps to successfully find course alternatives.

  1. Check to see what degree, Major or Minor requirement is being satisfied by the course you wish to change, by running your Academic Requirements Report

  2.  To help you read the report, use this guide: Reading Your Academic Requirements Report

  3.  To find alternatives for a Major or Minor course, check your COMM Plan of Study

  4.  To find alternatives for a General Education course, check the Gen Ed Audit Sheet

  5.  To find the course offerings for the semester, use the Dynamic Class Search 

  6.  Unhappy with your Major courses?  Check out your other Major options on the TME website: The Major Experience

  7.  Is the course related to your career path?  Not sure about your career path? Check out the career prep resources of the Center for Career Development: Explore Majors and Careers

  8.  Need to talk with an advisor? COMM Advising Office