Month: November 2016

Professor Shardé Davis

photo of Sharde DavisThis fall the UConn Department of Communication has welcomed three new professors to the Department, each bringing something new and unique to the already existing faculty, students, and staff. Among the newest members of the faculty is Dr. Shardé Davis who is bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to our research labs and classrooms.

Davis earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication and Feminist Studies from University of California Santa Barbara and went on to receive a Ph.D. in Communication with a Doctoral Certificate in Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Iowa. Her work in these two topics has led her to focus her studies on something new to the UConn COMM Department.

After participating in research and critiquing studies, Davis found that there was a lack of black women in the research representation. Upon finding this, Davis harnessed the phrase “research is me-search” and began to focus her studies on the interpersonal relationships of black women. With a goal of making her own narrative as a black woman heard, her research observes how black women communicate when they gather together in groups, by studying race and gender influences in group level context.

In the upcoming semester, Spring 2017, Professor Davis will be teaching two sections of COMM 4220W Small Group Communication. With the belief that “everyone’s opinion has a place,” she has discussion-based classes where she centralizes everyone’s voice. While creating a dynamic learning environment, Davis teaches concepts in ways such that students can can apply them to their own lives.

With high hopes for the future, the UConn Department of Communication welcomes Professor Davis and the unique perspectives she brings to the department.